Impact Type Vibrators

Impact Type Vibrators

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We are glad to introduce ourselves as the most reliable manufacturer and exporter of Impact Type Vibrators. These vibrators assist in proper flow of material in conical shaped hopper and smooth flow of powders in chutes. We employ ultra modern techniques and quality approved materials to manufacture these Impact Type Vibrators in accordance with industry set norms and standards. Be it in domestic market or international, our offered vibrators are cherished and acknowledged over the global platform.


  • Easy to install
  • Space saving design
  • Silent operation

Further Details:

Operating Principle :

The electromagnetic impact type vibrator we offer has a main body that encloses the coil. When pulsating current moves through the coil, the vibration sets in. The amplitude of vibration is dependent on the input voltage. Hence, an increase or decrease in the input voltage will consequently increase/decrease the amplitude of vibration. The intensity of vibration can also be altered by installing a regulator in the control panel of the device.

Such kind of vibrators can be easily installed and require minimal to zero maintenance. They can be used for declogging hoppers and chutes. Also useful when it comes to conveying products whose movements are normally restricted while on slope.

Application :

Impact type vibrators are used in various industries:

A) For rectangular as well as cylindrical bins with centre discharge
B) For packing fluffy and light powders that are usually challenging to handle in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors


  • The vibrators are designed in multiple power ratings (25 Watts to 500 Watts). A vibrator of correct rating should be used as per specific application.
  • The vibrator model depends on construction characteristic like the wall thickness of the hopper
  • The particular configuration and capacity of the hopper needs to be taken into consideration for determining the exact no. of vibrators to be used
  • When two or more vibrators are installed on the same hopper, care should be taken to connect them in the same phase
  • All our vibrators are operational at 230 Volts. A.C. single phase system
  • Custom designed vibrators that can operate at higher voltage are available on request
  • All vibrators are provided with a control cabinet, which helps in converting A.C. to pulsating D.C. However, this is not applicable in case of model SDV- 1 

Technical Details:

Vibrator Model Capacity Cubic Meters Wall thickness
of Hopper.
Power Consumption

SDV- 1


1 mm.

25 Watts.

SDV- 2


2 mm.

50 Watts.

SDV- 3


3 mm.

100 Watts.

SDV- 4


4 mm.

200 Watts.

SDV- 5


5 mm.

300 Watts.

SDV- 6


6 mm.

400 Watts.

SDV- 7


7 mm.

500 Watts.